The Little Boys’ Cottage

The Coed house
Chuck and Mindy Sprayberry

Tammy & Allen’s

Allen and Tammy have been serving the Lord at CCH as primary house parents for the younger boys since March 2012. Until then, they served as relief parents for the older boys then moved over to the elementary children. Allen is a former pastor and will be graduating with a BA in Theology and Biblical Counseling from Luther Rice University in December. Allen also has a prison ministry and is currently assigned to Carroll County State Prison which he started in 2004. Allen worked at Ford Motor Company in Hapeville for 20 years before the plant closed in 2006 starting as a skilled tradesman and the last twelve years as the skilled trades’ liaison for Ford. Allen and Tammy have a fourteen year old son named Micah who is involved in travel baseball and loves to fish. Allen enjoys riding his Harley, coaching /umpiring travel baseball, eating homemade ice cream and fishing. His favorite Bible verse 1 Cor 15:58.

Favorite Saying – “When you instill in a child that if the fear of failure over rides the rewards of effort then we have failed that child.