News about our Children

We presently have 31 children (including houseparents children). They are growing up, and watching them become responsible individuals is a real joy.

Kaela enjoyed a trip to Disney with her 8th grade chorus group and Ariel won a reading award from her school.

Kenny participated in his school’s track & field program. Noah enjoyed playing baseball this spring and James was in his school’s ROTC program.

We’re very proud of our children. Please keep these young people in your hearts and prayers that they will be strong in their character, morals, and in their abilities to make wise choices in life.


This was written by one of our housemothers, “One of our young boys said, early on his first day at Calvary, “I think I’m going to like it here.” Then when I was tucking him in that night and praying with him, he said in his sweet little accent and smile, “You know, I prayed to God for a better home and He did it!”

Also, from our little boy’s cottage came this “different diagnosis.” The morning after an exciting trip to the Fair, one little fellow was limping as he came into the kitchen. His houseparent asked him what was wrong and he replied, “Uncle Allen, my feet have a headache.”

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