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Philanthropic Initiative

Archer Restoration Services Inc. is hosting a company sponsored team building event and Charity fundraiser at the Savage Race in Dallas GA on Sept 25. Archer Restoration Services will be paying for any employee that wishes to race in the event and will be having T-shirts made displaying the Calvary Children’s Home Logo and will be representing the Calvary Children’s Home to others the day of the race.


At Archer Restoration we do more than just rebuild damaged houses, we strive to build stronger communities, and stronger employees. We think that the Savage Race is a great locally hosted event to help build camaraderie among our employees while at the same time serving as a rally point to lift up an amazing local charity such as the Calvary Children’s Home.


Archer Restoration Services has a goal of raising $5000.00 through this event and using our community ties and social media presence to reach our goal in support of Calvary Children’s Home.