Life on Campus

The children of Calvary Children’s Home attend local public schools, church, and take part in school and community activities in order to become responsible citizens of society. We strive to provide the children with a balanced approach to the physical, social, educational, and spiritual needs of their life. As the children age and demonstrate their maturity and responsibility, they may hold part-time jobs in the community.

Since the Home’s beginning in 1966, we have had the privilege of offering a home to well over 400 children. Our goal is to provide children with opportunities that challenge and prepare them for life in a difficult and demanding society by showing love, acceptance, understanding, and encouragement.

The future of the Calvary Children’s Home will be, as it always has been, totally dependent on God as He cares for us through the hearts and hands of our friends. We are committed to providing the best possible home to these children but we cannot do the work alone. Your interest and support is also important because of the encouragement it provides. It demonstrates to our children that they really are important as our friends take such an interest in them. The impact of that message is one that will remain with them throughout their life.

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The Administration Building
The Pavillion and Fire Pit
The Playground
The Gym
Tippin’s Cottage
Grogan Cottage
Younger Boy’s Cottage
Girl’s Cottage

The Facility

The Vaughan campus consists of three cottages that can house 35 to 40 children at a time. In 1999, an administration building containing our administration offices, counseling center, library, and dining hall was added to the Vaughn campus.

We are proud that we were able to make the move to the Vaughn campus, which cost over $2 million dollars in construction and acquisition, without borrowing any money or taking on any debt. We simply only continued building when sufficient funds were available for each phase. Through the generosity of the community and the blessings of the Lord, we were fortunate enough to raise funds as needed. If you would like to make a donation to Calvary Children’s Home, click here.

Calvary Children’s Home is located on thirteen acres in Powder Springs, Georgia, just outside of Atlanta. Our beautiful campus contains both woodland and large open spaces making it the perfect location for children to run, play, and live.

Located at the entrance to the property is the administrative office, which contains the cafeteria and library. Just a short walk away are the three residential cottages, one for girls, one for older boys, and one for the little boys. We are also blessed to have recently added a new playground, modern gymnasium and event pavilion.

Children’s Houses
Playground & Outdoor Gazebo
Campus Tour

Administrative Building

The Pavillion

The Playground

This is the Big Boys’ Cottage

This is the Little Boys’ Cottage

This is the Girls’ Cottage

The Gym

The Staff

For fifty years Calvary Children’s Home has provided long-term residential care for children needing placement apart from their families in a distinctly Christian setting. Our mission is to help these children reach their full potential in their personal, spiritual and relational lives. At the center of this mission and its success is our houseparent team.

Front Row: Tammy Young, Melita Busby, Elna Letter, Sherry Croft, Sydney Casella,
Leslie Kirk, Lucille Turner, Darlene Hancock
Back Row: Allen Young, Brian Busby, Deon Letter, Mike Baker, Brent Turner, Benita Willis, Pam Bowers

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For fifty years Calvary Children’s Home has provided long-term residential care for children needing placement apart from their families in a distinctly Christian setting.

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