Your support over the last 56 years has helped to ensure generations of children have a safe, loving, Christian environment where each child is presented with the opportunity and resources to rebuild their foundation, begin the process of overcoming the hurt and disappointments of their past and begin building towards a brighter future.

Your support helps us to deliver on our promise to make each child feel safe, loved, and to help them acknowledge the difficulty of their individual situations. You are helping to make a difference in the lives of the children we serve, and we are blessed to call you, our friends!

Calvary is grateful for the support of our friends. With your continued support Our goal is to multiply Calvary’s impact in the community by bringing more children into care and expanding existing programs to make a generational impact in the lives of our children and the communities they live in.

Psalm 118:23

“This is the Lord’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes.”

2022 was an exciting year for Calvary!

  • Calvary served the long-term residential needs of 23 children and Transitional Residents.
  • Calvary Children’s Home takes no state or federal funding and operates 100% debt free.
  • Our girls were able to move into their new cottage in February, opening their previous cottage and increasing overall program capacity.
  • Four children added (8 male, 9 female, 13 female, 13 female)
  • One high school graduate-entered our Transitional Resident program and enrolled in a local college.
  • Two of our Transitional Residents are enrolled in college, one local and one is attending Champion Bible College in Arkansas.
  • Two seniors at Hillgrove High School who will be entering the next phase of our Transitional Resident program (one into vocational training, one exploring college).
  • Seven children have received full scholarships to North Cobb Christian School.
  • Seven children participated in organized team sports with one participating in the arts.
  • Calvary provided/procured over 25,000 meals to feed our children.
  • Five children received orthodontic care.
  • Over 100 medical appointments provided.
  • 1650 hours tutoring provided.
  • 825 counseling/therapy hours provided.
  • Four children, 15 or older, working part-time.