James came to Calvary when he was twelve years old with enough family challenges to sink even a mighty ship. By God’s grace and the help of some marvelous friends, he matured and thrived as part of the Calvary family.

James graduated from Hillgrove High School in May of this year. Three months later, he joined the United States Marine Corps. James is musically inclined and often sat at the piano in his cottage to play and sing. We miss James and his joy echoing down our hallways. We are truly thankful the Lord shared him with us for a season. You were a vital part of his life and we hope you are as proud of him as we are!

He wrote from boot camp to express his sincere need for a burger. He also expressed concerns his Drill Sergeant may have “anger management issues”.

James returned home to Calvary for a few days after graduating from basic training on Parris Island, November 16th 2018. His desire was to spend time with his “Calvary Family” before reporting to his next duty station. Calvary is his home and family. Thank you for helping provide a safe, caring home for this remarkable young man. We couldn’t do it without the love and support of friends like you!

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