This time of the year provides the perfect opportunity to stop long enough to consider the many ways we’ve been blessed both individually and as a nation. However, rather than our hearts being turned to God and His goodness, its true meaning can quickly get lost in good food, big games, a nap on the sofa or preparation for the big shopping day that follows.

With so much to be thankful for it almost seems wrong to single out just one day for “thanksgiving.” Yet, because of full schedules and busy lives, perhaps it really is needed after all. It does remind us to express the gratitude that we feel but too often goes unspoken. At Calvary we never want to be guilty of failing to tell you how very much your kindness and faithful support mean to us. 

Our gratitude isn’t just for the gifts you give but for the encouragement you provide. We frequently receive notes of encouragement and support for the children and staff. The thoughtfulness behind this is even greater evidence of your kindness and a welcome reminder of how blessed we are because of you. 

Through the grace of God and your support we have seen our children graduate from high school, college and one graduating from basic training in the US Marine Corps at Parris Island, SC. This is not only a great blessing to us but also a wonderful example to the younger children who follow them. This is tremendous evidence of your compassion and the help of a loving God over the past fifty-two years that we have been able to offer them a safe, loving home.

A simple “thank you” can never fully express the depth from which it is spoken. God has blessed us by allowing us to be a part of your Thanksgiving. It is also a much-needed message of encouragement to some children who have had to face some very difficult times. They can see there is an abundance of good in their life if they will look for it. We remind them the Lord is there to pick them up when feeling alone or uncared for (Psalm 27:10) – and through you they see the truth of His Word.

Thank you for showing our children the true purpose of Thanksgiving – being thankful for blessings, even though some of them may not look like a blessing initially! We are reminded to give thanks in all things. It is a lesson we teach and one we seek to model. We are grateful for your giving us another reason.

Car Donation

Caring families donating their used vehicles also supports our children. Calvary Children’s Home gratefully accepts gifts of used cars, trucks and boats. If you would like to arrange any donation please click on the link below.

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It is now possible to conveniently support Calvary year-round. Gifts of $25, $50, $100 or more on a continuing basis will make a difference in our children’s lives. These gifts help with our daily needs such as food, clothing, education and medical needs

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Calvary Children’s Home wants to help all kids.  Feel free to call or email and we can try and answer any questions you may have.  We are hear to serve you and love your support.

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