Fall is a most welcome visitor to the Calvary Children’s Home family. The cooler temperatures set in motion scenes on our campus that would make any family envious. The leaves falling around and on top of running happy children in a setting built by the love of so many caring people. God has blessed these sacred acres beyond measure!

Exciting doors swing on the hinges of autumn at Calvary. Football season is in full swing and our boys love it. They love to play it, watch it, talk about it and while they are so very competitive, they are so proud of their “brothers” when they achieve great things. Recently, three boys ran in the house proclaiming for us and the neighbors that “Oakleen had two interceptions and won the game for us!” A JV high school game is a really big deal in our world. Five of our boys play for a team and all of our boys play football as much as allowed in the yard. College football Saturdays are so fun! We currently have three Florida fans, two LSU fans, a few Auburn fans and our Executive Director loves the Georgia Bulldogs. You would think after two back-to-back national championships, he would convert them, but no chance. They are zealots!