Through the years we have been blessed by the gifts and support of many friends. That support has taken many forms and as you will notice in this edition of our Newsletter, one of the most meaningful is by way of a memorial gift. As the loved one is honored with a permanent reminder on our campus, lives are being given opportunities they may not have had otherwise.

A perfect example of your impact is in the life of Jennifer. She came to this new place called Calvary when she was three years old. Almost seventeen years later, she received her degree from Trinity Baptist College in Jacksonville, FL. Later that same year, I had the privilege (along with Brian Busby, our Campus Director, who walked her down the aisle) of performing her wedding ceremony to a wonderful young Christian man. Because of your help, she was able to complete her education without having to incur a mountain of student loans. Our goal is for them to be able to begin their new life in an adult world without indebtedness. That is second only to their having a personal relationship with the Lord.

She went to work in a women’s shelter and then moved on to working and training for the local family and children services department. In the latest photo, she recently received notice that she successfully completed her certi cation as a child protective investigator. From a frightened, beautiful three year old girl needing a home during some trying times, to a con dent, successful young lady deeply involved in helping children nd hope and safety, she has found her purpose and place to serve. Through God’s grace, your support, Jennifer’s commitment, and the dedicated staff at Calvary, let me simply say

—Look what you did!