Michael is part of Calvary’s Transitional Resident Living Program. Calvary’s children do not age out upon graduating high school.

The Transitional Program’s goal is to support rising seniors and college-age individuals as they transition into young adulthood by providing them with a long-term plan of care. This plan includes defining expectations, rules, and responsibilities for both residents and Calvary, and adapting their care plan to help them achieve their short- and long-term goals related to education, employment, military service, certification programs, and vocational pursuits. Our program includes classes on goal setting, personal finance, spiritual development, and interviewing skills. We also seek to provide each resident with a mentor.
We believe that it’s important to help each resident identify what matters to them and to define their goals through a step-by-step process. While we can share our own beliefs about what’s true, we recognize that people will only be motivated to act on things that matter to them and that are aligned with their own goals. Please keep Calvary in your prayers as we work with our young people to set them on a path to a brighter future.