There is much joy brought into our lives through the children we are raising. The youngest ones sometimes ask for one more bedtime Bible story and can get all fired up for any opportunity for ice cream or pizza. The hundreds of hugs that take place weekly on our campus from children who need a tangible demonstration of care certainly warm our hearts as well. We hear proclamations from “Look I ate all my vegetables” to “I made the Varsity Team” to “I think I am ready to head out on my own”.

Each step for every child at Calvary is building toward a stronger future. This season at Calvary was full of sports accomplishments for many of our residents. Others were wrapping up their sophomore year of college. A few started their first job.

Five of our residents received either their Driver’s license or learners permit in the last few months. Pray for our staff as we ride shotgun through that learning time.
Sweet mercy is this life an adventure! Our two newest residents are just settling into life at a new elementary school and calling the people who care for them Aunt and Uncle. Aunt and Uncle means we’re family! Family grows together. Family means I am here for you every step of the way.

Summer 2023 Newsletter

What a life God has given the Calvary Children’s Home family!

– Brian Busby, Campus Director