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2017 Graduates

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We are extremely proud of the strength of character shown in these young lives. They have demonstrated a love for God, others, their country, a respect for authority and the willingness to give to those in need. For their example, we stand in admiration and applaud!

(Hillgrove High) KENNY is a 17-year-old senior who is athletic and charming. He plays football, basketball and is on Hillgrove’s track team. Kenny is the only child in Calvary’s history to throw a touchdown pass to another one of our residents in a high school game. He has given us a multitude of proud moments like that one and is eager to chase after the dreams God has given him. By God’s grace, he is college bound and has a very strong inner drive. From the moment he walked on our campus at twelve years old, he pushed himself to excel in his studies and athletics. It has been our privilege to watch him grow and be a part of his adventures!

(Hillgrove High) NOAH is an 18-year-old graduate with a special sense of humor. Coupled with his wit, his calm demeanor made him a campus favorite for our other children. Noah played football in high school and is always up for a pickup game of basketball. He also distinguished himself as a gentleman in his home and absolutely never let the house mother carry anything if he was around. Years of lightening her load will never be forgotten. He has ambitions of becoming a physical therapist and starts college in the fall with those pursuits in mind. He has been a blessing to our Home, so we cannot wait to see how the Lord uses him to help others.

(Hillgrove High) WYATT came to Calvary when he was only five years old. On his first school morning at Calvary, he stretched in bed and told his house parent, “I just don’t think I am going to school today.” Much to his tiny heart’s displeasure, he was informed that to be great you must, with God’s help, push through the parts of life that strain us. Watching him graduate all these years later is a special moment for us. It represents a host of people and a God that believed deeply in him. Wyatt is very gifted with his hands and is a fixer of all things broken. He is a computer whiz and hopes after college to work in a technology field. (Only just a few more years of education, Wyatt!)

(Grace Christian) MICAH is a senior graduating from Grace Christian Academy. He is the son of Allen and Tammy Young who have been our younger boy’s house parents for several years. Micah has selflessly shared his parents with a host of tiny body’s of energy, messes and bright hopes for most of his childhood. He played football and baseball in high school and is currently considering a future in law enforcement. He is enrolled in the Cobb County Explorers program. Micah is a fine young man, and we very pleased to have him as part of our Calvary family.

Look what you did!

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Through the years we have been blessed by the gifts and support of many friends. That support has taken many forms and as you will notice in this edition of our Newsletter, one of the most meaningful is by way of a memorial gift. As the loved one is honored with a permanent reminder on our campus, lives are being given opportunities they may not have had otherwise.

A perfect example of your impact is in the life of Jennifer. She came to this new place called Calvary when she was three years old. Almost seventeen years later, she received her degree from Trinity Baptist College in Jacksonville, FL. Later that same year, I had the privilege (along with Brian Busby, our Campus Director, who walked her down the aisle) of performing her wedding ceremony to a wonderful young Christian man. Because of your help, she was able to complete her education without having to incur a mountain of student loans. Our goal is for them to be able to begin their new life in an adult world without indebtedness. That is second only to their having a personal relationship with the Lord.

She went to work in a women’s shelter and then moved on to working and training for the local family and children services department. In the latest photo, she recently received notice that she successfully completed her certi cation as a child protective investigator. From a frightened, beautiful three year old girl needing a home during some trying times, to a con dent, successful young lady deeply involved in helping children nd hope and safety, she has found her purpose and place to serve. Through God’s grace, your support, Jennifer’s commitment, and the dedicated staff at Calvary, let me simply say

—Look what you did!

Commemorative Brick Program

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In response to requests by several of our friends, we are pleased to revive our commemorative brick program.

For your tax-deductible memorial/honor gift of $125, we will recognize your loved one or friend with a beautiful commemorative brick proudly displayed on our campus.

The bricks will serve as a constant source of encouragement to the children of Calvary and a reminder for years to come of the commitment and generosity of the individuals, churches and organizations that have helped provide a home for our children while honoring the life of the one remembered.

We will acknowledge your gift with a personal letter and receipt. Also, their name, as well as yours, will be included in a subsequent newsletter to acknowledge your thoughtful gift. This can be initiated through a check or online giving by visiting our website at

You can conveniently complete your Commemorative Brick donation by clicking on this link and completing the form.  If you have any questions please call us at 770-794-1500 or email to